Athlete Profile: Emily and Rob Rutherford

We are so excited to introduce Emily and Rob and their little family to our larger CrossFit community!
Athlete Profile: Emily and Rob Rutherford
When did you join Peninsula CrossFit?
Emily – September 2018
Rob – March 2019
What is your favourite WOD or movement?
Emily – So many to choose from! Probably split jerk for me. I love lifting heavy things.
Rob – Deadlift
What is your proudest accomplishment?
Emily – Honestly? Just walking in the door that first day is still my proudest accomplishment. I’ve had many more since then but that was still the hardest to overcome. But in the end, I’m grateful every day that I did!
Rob – I was worried about how CrossFit would go given my history of low back pain but after two months I’m feeling stronger than I have before and I haven’t had back pain in over a month.
Do you have any advice for someone just starting CrossFit?

Emily – Everyone has their own reason for taking that first step. For me, a friend I trust a lot was doing it and enjoying it. I was looking for an avenue to help find ‘me’ again after having kids and at a time of transition. And in talking to her it sounded like what I was looking for: similar to what I used to do and a great community. Previous to that, CrossFit always seemed like this big crazy cult-like thing to me that only certain adrenaline junky strong people could do. I had so many misconceptions. So my biggest piece of advice is to leave your expectations/previously heard rumours at the door and just come to move your body and have fun. I may have found a unicorn box, I don’t know, but the people and camaraderie while getting your sweat on is what makes it for me.

Also, try not to be intimidated by the language, etc. It’s a steep learning curve at first but always remember that there are a ton of ways to adapt every move to make it work and be fun/challenging for you. People tend to think down on adapting movements, but really it’s the best way to tailor a workout to get the best results for YOU. Don’t get caught up in competitive expectations. Ultimately unless it’s what drives you that absolutely does not have to be what CrossFit is all about.

When all was new and all was a bit scary the community is what kept me coming back. So ultimately just come join us! We’re pretty cool 😉

Rob – Just show up and don’t be afraid to scale. Everyone is there to support each other no matter where you are at.
What are your goals for this year?
Emily – So many to choose from! I would say for strength: improving my squat clean and squat snatch, for gymnastics: get my toes to bar (so close!) and rope climb.
Rob – Gain strength and have fun
What we’d like to say about these athletes: We have loved having Emily and now Rob join our community. They are both such hard workers and so inspiring with their positive attitudes in class. But even more inspiring is how they have arranged their whole schedule to make fitness work for their family. Every Saturday they both come to the gym with their kiddos and take turns playing upstairs in our kids’ area for one class and working out for one class. Emily has been a star childminder in our morning classes to offset the cost of her membership. Rob often comes at 6am so Emily can come back to get her workout in at 5pm. Their kids love coming to the gym and get to see up close how their parents are prioritizing their health. Hats off to the Rutherfords for building a legacy of fitness!