Athlete Profile

Meet Elaine Clark:
Elaine has been CrossFitting since the beginning (9 or 10 years!)

Favourite WOD or movement: Chippers and Deadlifts
Least Favourite WOD or movement: Turkish Getups
Proudest accomplishment: I’m still coming
Advice to someone just starting CrossFit: “Pay attention to form over weight or time, enjoy the environment, don’t be too competitive.”
What can you improve on? Eat less sugar, no snacking, do more stretching

We’re so proud of Elaine. We especially want to highlight Elaine because of her natural ability to encourage new athletes and take them under her wing. You will find her cheering on the last person to finish the WOD and helping a new person find their equipment. Thanks for being such an important part of our community Elaine!

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