Friday April 1, 2022

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

Bench Press (4 x 10 @ AHAP)

15-30 Min RT

Rest: 60-90 Sec between sets

GOAL: Upper Hypertrophy

-Control every portion of the decent.

-Respect the prescribed rest times.

Metcon (Time)

9 RFT:

3 Bar Muscle Ups

4/4 KB Snatch @ 70/53 lbs

25′ HS Walk

Rest 1 Min After every 3 Rounds
30-55 Min RT

GOAL: Speed Endurance

This should be fun and fast with a lot of transitions.


-Strong hollow body and body stacked.

-Sub 3 BMU transitions/practice

-Sub 6 Pull Ups and 6 Push Ups

KB Snatch:

-Snappy and aggressive hip extension, this movement shouldn’t hurt you.

-Sub a lighter weight or DB if you can’t manage the KB technique.

HS Walk:

-Look between your hands, not in front. This will make your body fall forward and help you go faster.

-Sub OH Plate/weight carry.

-Sub HS hold against wall (w/ or w/out shoulder taps).

-Sub Bear walks.