Friday November 19, 2021

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

Split Jerk (3x(5-4-3))

3 Rounds:

5 reps @ 65%

4 reps @ 70%

3 reps @75%

15-35 Min RT

GOAL: Increase OH endurance with barbell cycling

Try to move through each round as quickly as possible (as if its for time) and then rest 2-3 mins between rounds.

Metcon (Time)




Between each round perform 5 alt. single arm Devil’s Press @ 53/35#
35-55 Min RT

GOAL: Gymnastics strength endurance and recovery. Your upper body is recovering while your lower body is working, and vice versa.

If you typically hold your foot during pistols try not to today, even for a few reps each round. This is good training for our pistols.