Kids Class – Fri, Nov 4

Peninsula CrossFit – Kids Class


Partner kids up and give each group a ball. Kids will perform 1 synchro burpee, then pass the ball. Repeat for 2 minutes. For the next 2 minutes, increase to 2 synchro burpees.


Balance beams and forward rolls.

Split kids into two groups. One group will practice balance beams (parallettes lined up two-thick against a mat). The other group will practice forward rolls on a mat. After 5 minutes, switch groups.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Keep kids in the same 2 groups as the warmup and line them up. They will run through:

1 forward roll

1 box jump over

15 yard run

Return to back of line.

AMRAP 7 minutes.

Scoring:  Rounds + Reps


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