Mar 13

Peninsula CrossFit – Competitors training

Clean with no jump (5×3)

Clean with no jump

5 x 3 @50-60%

Rest as needed between sets

Athlete: This exercise can be really useful for many things:

– Leg drive

– Coordination between the second and the third pull

– Do you understand to keep applying a force against the ground after extension, once your body moves under the barbell.

Today I’d like you to focus your attention on the third point that I wrote above. One of the biggest mistakes in the Clean is to move our body under the bar without the intention of applying an upward force before the ascent. Too often I see people drop their body under the bar and have the bar crash on their body because there is no tension at all before reaching the deep Squat. So, today your goal is to think about creating a force toward the floor with your leg AS SOON AS your feet land on the ground.

Metcon (No Measure)

3 x EMOM 6

Minute 1 and 4: 2/2 Heavy Back Rack Lunges @80%+ of your max

Minute 2 and 5: 3/3 Single leg Box Jumps

Minute 3 and 6: 2 Power Snatch @82%+

Rest 3-5 minutes between each EMOM

Lunges: Aim to respect the percentages as much as you can. If you do not know at all what is your best Lunge, simply reach a RPE 8/10. Reps should be hard to perform, but you should not be close to failure here.

Single leg box jumps: How high can you go?

Power Snatch: Aim for slightly heavier than last week