Mayhem Affiliate 09/06/2022

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm Up

Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Warm up:

Banded 7s


3 sets:

30 sec row

5 World’s Greatest Stretch (each side)

30 sec bike

5 up-downs

2. Workout Prep

1 set:

100m Row (workout pace)

5/4 Calorie bike


Metcon (Calories)

“Rinse N’ Repeat”


Every 2 minutes:

200/175m Row

6/4 Calorie Bike*

*Add 1 calorie for first 3 rounds, then add 2 calories until round 7. Complete as many calories as possible for rounds 7 and 8.

Round 1: 6/4 cals

Round 2: 7/5 cals

Round 3: 8/6 cals

Round 4: 10/8 cals

Round 5: 12/10 cals

Round 6: 14/12 cals

Round 7: Max Cals

Round 8: Max Cals


Every 2 minutes: (same format as original)

175/150m Row

6/4 Calorie Bike


Every 2 minutes (maintain for all 8 sets)

175/150m Row

6/4 Calorie Bike

Target time each set: sub 1:45 for all rounds until 7 and 8.

Time cap each set: 1:55

Target Calories (7 & 8):

10/8 + Calories


GHD Hip Extension (4 sets: 10 reps)


*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

*substitute with DB/KB Romanian Deadlifts

Single Leg DB Hip Thrust (4 sets: 10 reps (each side))

*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

*Build to a moderate weight; stay the same or build across sets to the opposite side. Keep dumbbell centered over the hips the entire time.

Focus: It is advised to set up your bench so that it is braced against a rig or upright to prevent tipping. Place the upper back on the bench and both feet next to each other, flat on the floor. Place a dumbbell laterally across the hips. Position the feet far enough from the bench, so that when hips are extended, shins will be vertical. When correct foot placement is found, extend one leg forward and squeeze glutes slightly so that a neutral pelvis can be maintained throughout the entire movement. The extended, non-working leg is ok to touch the floor between reps but should not aid during the hip thrust rep. Drive through the foot of the working leg, squeezing the glute to extend the hip. Return down to the starting position and repeat all reps on that side before switching to the opposite side. Keep dumbbell centered over the hips the entire time.

Single Leg DB Hip Thrust


Metcon (No Measure)

1 min tricep smash (each)

1 min overhead banded distraction (each)

1 min Barbell grip smash (each side)
[Calf Smash](

[Tricep Smash](

[Barbell grip smash](