Mayhem Kids 7/29/2022

Peninsula CrossFit – Kids Class

Warm-up (No Measure)

Today’s warmup will be a game, Red Light Green Light.

One kid can be the controller. They will call out “green light” and the kids will begin to move to him/her in the designated movement pattern. When the controller yells “red light,” everyone must freeze. Anyone who doesn’t freeze must start over.

The movement pattern can be anything the coach chooses, such as running, walking on toes, bear crawling, crab walking, etc.


Wall Balls. Remind kids of the points of performance; chest high, full squat at the bottom, and throwing the ball to the correct height. If helpful, draw chalk targets on the wall that vary in height as appropriate.

Dumbbell push press: Keep these light. We did DB thrusters on Wednesday, so remind them that their arms need to be straight and close to their ears when the dumbbells are overhead.

Metcon (Checkmark)

Kids will rotate through 3 stations for a 9 minute EMOM.

Station 1: 10 wall balls

Station 2: 10 Dumbbell push press

Station 3: 10 burpees

Instruct them that you will call out when to begin each station so that they have time to rest.


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