Mayhem Kids 8/17/2022

Peninsula CrossFit – Kids Class

Warm-up (No Measure)


Circle kids up and have them run in a circle or run in place. When you yell “DROP,” they must quickly perform a burpee and resume running.

You can change the movement out with push-ups, air squats, etc.


rope pull-ups.

Start by jumping and hanging on the rope for 5-10 seconds, giving each kid 2 trials.

Then, demo how to start standing and perform a pull-up, returning feet slowly to the ground. Have them try one, then let them perform as many as they can.

Metcon (Time)

Relay sprints.

Create teams of 3-4 and line them up. Mark a set distance. Each team member must sprint to the designated marker and back, tagging the next teammate. Have them sit as they finish. The first team to have all their runners return, wins!


dodgeball or coaches choice.