Monday February 17, 2020

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

There are 2 classes today, at 8am and 9am.

Poster Warm Up (No Measure)

-Pick a Row, Run or Skip

-Pick three movements and do 15 reps.

-Vary movements each workout.

-5 min mobility
0-15 Min RT

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

In Teams of 2:

AMRAP 22 Min:

22 Wall Ball (Split)

22 T2B (Synchro)

200m Run (Together)

22 DB/KB Snatch (Split)

22 Burpee (Synchro)
0-15 Min RT

Pick weights that are challenging but that you can manage with consistent form and intensity across all rounds and reps.

Split = split work however you see fit.

Synchro = complete work together in a synchronized fashion.

Together = simply complete the run together at the same pace.

Wallball: attempt to transition the ball in mid air as an added challenge. Breathe while the ball is in the air.

T2B: Complete hanging leg raises or AbMat sit ups. We should be able to complete this in 2-3 sets max.

Snatch: Keep air in your belly at the bottom for pressure and inhale/exhale in the top half of the movement.

Burpee: Inhale when your body is fully extended.