Monday November 11, 2019

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

There are 2 classes today, 8AM and 9AM

Poster Warm Up (No Measure)

-Pick a Row, Run or Skip

-Pick three movements and do 15 reps.

-Vary movements each workout.

-5 min mobility

“Audet” (AMRAP – Reps)

This is the workout that Parker Spence posted in honour of his fellow cadet that passed away. Lets all get together and honour him.

30 min AMRAP, with a partner:

Partner 1 runs 400m while the other completes AMRAP of a barbell movement. Do 3 sets of each movement before moving onto the next:

Clean & Jerk

Front Squat

Sumo Deadlift

Bench Press
RX: 95/65#

V1: 75/55#

V2: 55/35#