Thursday May 13, 2021

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Cardio: 3 Min

Mobility: 2 Min


2-3 Sets of:

5 Scap Push Up

5 Push Up

5 Scap Pull Up

5 Beat Swing

5 Wall Walk
0-15 Min RT

J.T. (Time)


Handstand Push-ups

Ring Dips

In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005
To learn more about J.T. click here
15-45 Min RT

GOAL: Pressing through all planes.

-You must be able to do at least 5 reps in every movement. If you cannot scale movement by reducing range of motion or use band.

Durante Core (AMRAP – Reps)

5 rds

10 Hollow Rocks

10 V-Ups

10 Tuck Ups

10 sec. Hollow Hold

– Rest 1 min –

*Scale reps to a manageable amount per set.
45-55 Min RT

**Perform only one core routine. You choose**

Hollow Superman (No Measure)

16 Tabata Rounds Alt:

Hollow Holds

45-55 Min RT

**Perform only one core routine. You choose**