Wednesday April 24, 2019

Warm Up 141 (No Measure)


10 Hollow Body Lat Pull Down

10 Hollow Body Y Pull

10 Banded Fly

10 Banded Pull Apart

10 Banded Good Morning

10 Banded Air Squat (around knees)

Muscle Up Accessory (4 x (4-8+1))

Ring Dips + Muscle Up Negative
-The rings will be at muscle up height, you will either muscle up into them or jump into them using boxes or a spotter. Complete your dips and then perform a strict and slow muscle up negative back to full extension.

Metcon (Time)


Deadlift @ 155/105

Wall Ball @ 20/14
**12 Min Time Cape**

This is a sprint style workout. No more than 2 sets on the round of 21 down. We should never rest longer than 5 seconds at any one time. Just pick up the bar or wall ball.

Scale 1:


Scale 2: