Athlete Profile: Jennie Aiken


Jennie Aiken

When did you join Peninsula CrossFit?
February 2019


What is your favourite WOD or movement?
Box jumps (seriously)!


What is your proudest accomplishment?
I have limited time right now with a toddler, school and a full time job and no longer compete in cycling events – but I still love chasing around my fast friends on a mountain bike. Committing to CrossFit three times a week has given me the functional fitness to get out and ride hard – even if I only do it once a week now!


Do you have any advice for someone just starting CrossFit?
Honestly, just commit to showing up. Even if I’m tired, worried or distracted driving to the gym, once I walk through the door I know the coaches and community will help me focus and accomplish whatever workout I want.


What are your goals for this year?
Regularly choose the RX WOD by February 2020!