Kids Class – Fri, Nov 18

Peninsula CrossFit – Kids Class


Have kids form a large circle and stand in the middle. You will be working on non-verbal communication. Work through :30 intervals of different movements; air squats, burpees, etc. without giving any verbal cues. Work for 5-6 minutes.

Metcon (Checkmark)

Relay 1

Divide kids into teams of 4-5. Place cones 5 yards out from each team. Give the first person on each team a ball. They must carry the ball between their legs (they can run or hop) down around the cone and back, then pass to the next person. If the ball is dropped, one burpee must be done. The team to finish all people first, wins!

Relay 2

Keep the same teams. Move the cones to 15 yards out. This will be a sprint relay. Each kid will sprint down and around the cone and back, then tag the next teammate.