Wednesday July 20, 2022

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

Back Squat (5 x 1 @ 90%)

15 – 30 Min RT

GOAL: Squat intensity

-Warmup to your 90% and then perform 5 heavy singles with 90-120 secs rest between.

-Focus on creating as much tension as possible on your descent, and spread the floor with your legs.

-Focus on pushing the floor away and exploding through the bar on your ascent.

Metcon (Time)


6 Burpee C2B

25 double unders
30-55 Min RT

GOAL: Gymnastics endurance

-The focus in this workout is the Burpee C2B. Try to use the DU as recovery, stay relaxed and control your breathing.

-If you normally use a band for C2B, today instead do burpee jumping pullups with a tempo negative.