Kids Class – Wed, Nov 16

Peninsula CrossFit – Kids Class


3:00-5:00: assault runners. Work on walking, jogging, running, slowing down, and stopping all without holding onto the handles.


Back squats and front squats. Review proper air squats (feet underneath hips, chest up, hips below the knees at the bottom, keeping the whole foot on the ground)

With PVC pipes,introduce and demonstrate proper back squat, looking for all the points of performance you went over with the air squat. Watch each child so at least one proper back squat.

Introduce and demonstrate a proper front squat. Show proper grip width, and especially make sure the elbows come out in front of the PVC pipe. Again check for all the points of performance of the air squat, focusing on the elbows and keeping the chest up.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 2

6:00 AMRAP

Wall ball hug carry 10 yards

5 burpees

wall ball hug carry 10 yards

switch partners