Monday July 11, 2022

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

Push Press

1×5 @ 70%

1×5 @ 75%

2×5 @ 80%

Rest 2 Mins between each set

15-35 Min RT

GOAL: Leg Drive

-Focus on driving the bar predominantly with the legs while the bar is lighter in order to set the tone for the final weight.

-Stay tall and don’t dip too much. Chin up.

Metcon (Time)


14 C2B pullups

12 DB Step-ups 2@50/35#, 24/20″
35-55 Min RT

GOAL: Gymnastics pulling endurance

-Be consistent with the C2B. If you don’t think you can go unbroken on the last set don’t go unbroken on the first set.

-Aim for unbroken sets on the step-ups