Tuesday June 25, 2019

Warm Up 40 (No Measure)

2:00 Min Double Unders/Skipping
20 PVC Thrusters
20 PVC Pass Throughs
20 Duck Walks (half forward/back)
10 Superman (holding PVC)
10 Hollow Hold (holding PVC)
10 Hydrant w/ leg extension (/side)
10 Rainbows (/side)

Metcon (10 Rounds for reps)

5 Sets for Reps
1 Min Max Burpees
1 Min Max Strict HSPU
1 Min Rest
Score is total number of reps across all rounds and movements. Record reps for each round for wodify.

Scale 1:
Kipping HSPU

Scale 2:
MOdified HSPU or L-Sit DB Press

Metcon (No Measure)

4 Sets:
50′ Death March @ heavy DB/KB
45-60 Sec Tall Kneeling Double KB Front Rack Hold
-You can hug a plate for the hold instead if you prefer.