Kids Class – Wed, Oct 19

Peninsula CrossFit – Kids Class

Warm Up

Set up PVC pipes either in the rig or inside jerk blocks, low to the ground. Line kids up and have them army crawl all the way under. Let them do this a couple of times, then have them do it jumping over the pipes.


Push-ups. Use a progression. Start by showing proper hand placement and how the elbows point straight back when you descend Then, have them start on their knees for practice reps. Work up to a full push-up. (We usually arrange in a circle with one coach in the middle and two others monitoring the circle.) Perform practice reps altogether while calling “up” and “down.”

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Team AMRAP. Divide into two teams and put them back at the jerk blocks set up with PVCs. Each team member will jump on and over each box, run, 15 yards, perform 3 burpees, then return to the line. Let the next kid go after the current kid is done with the box jump portion.

*You can vary this to be a relay race by having kids sit when they are finished instead of returning to the line.