Wednesday July 6, 2022

Peninsula CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (7 Rounds for time)

E3MOM x 7 (21 Mins):

10 T2B

5 OH squats @ 115/85#

200m run
15-40 Min RT

GOAL: Metcon threshold

-You want to have about 45 secs rest each round so scale barbell weight and/or reps accordingly. Run should be under 1 min.

-Go as sustainably hard as possible.

-OH squat weight should be mod-heavy but able to perform unbroken each round.

Metcon (2 Rounds for weight)



50′ death march @ heavy

60 sec. weighted wall sit @ heavy
40-55 Min RT

GOAL: Lower strength endurance

-You should be able to perform both movements without breaking with the weights you select.